Difference between British English and US English

Difference between British English and US English Language is one aspect which can never be ignored. There are various ways in which a person communicates with his peers or friends. There are varieties with respect to both the dialect. The language English is spoken differently in US as well as Britain. The US English is often considered to be grammatical incorrect. However, none of the versions are declared as the perfect one. The main difference between British English and US English would be with respect with spellings. In case of British English emphasis id given on present tense. Any other way of speaking would be considered incorrect. For eg, In case of Britain English the following would be applicable: I’ve lost my pen. Can you please look for it? The US English would go as: I lost my pen. Can you please look for it? So basically the Americans believe in phrasing sentences in simple past tense while Britain’s believe in present tense.

Similarly the Britain’s prefer present perfect as compared to simple past. The American English might include already, yet and just. An example of American English would be: I just had breakfast. The Britans would also say I’ve just had breakfast. The other important difference is use of have vs has. The Americans would any day prefer to use have rather than has. So it could be have, haven’t I, haven’t got etc. The Britain’s on the other hand prefer has. The other important differentiation is use of verb. Americans prefer saying gotten (got) while Britain’s would stick to using got in communication. There are certain vocabulary changes in both. The word rubber can mean a condom in case of American English while an object to erase out markings in Britain. The main differentiation could be use of prepositions. The Americans prefer saying on the weekend as compared to at the weekend (British English). Even spellings have a huge difference in both forms. Many word documents would show the American accepted words. They might be spelt differently in Britain. You need to be sure of all these words such as (American–British):

· Color – Colour

· Favor- Favour

· Humor – Humour

· Recognize – Recognise

The best way is to follow a global English which could be used anywhere across the globe. You would need to be consistent in your dialect. Majority of people prefer American English as it sounds most rustic, consists slang and not formal.

Know the branches of Medicine

Medicine is an extremely talented profession and people all across the world wish to learn and consider careers in this profession. You can browse through various websites to understand and be aware about the different branches of medicine. The list for your queries goes as follows:

Know the branches of Medicine Aetiology- this is exploring and understanding various causes of diseases. Bioengineering would mean understanding medical problems and finding solutions for organs, repairing and replacing affected or obsolete organs. Biomedicine would be a complete undertanding of biochemistry and biology.

Cardiology would mean dealing with heart and other problems or issues that affect it.

Chiropody would also mean diagnoising and dealing with medicibed related to the foot.

Cytology would again put you in a position to understand cancerous cells and possible researching. Dentistry as every kid knows deals with issues related to teeth as well as oral hygiene. Dietetics or dietitian would basically study food and its various effects on your body.

Embryology is studying and researching embryos.ENT basically means studying organs namely ear, nose as well as throat and complications of these. Epidemiology is studying reasons for infectious diseases and precautions. General physician is someone who practices and understands medicine in general and prescribes medicines for a wide range of problems. They do not necessarily specialise in a particular disease or medicine. Genetics basically understands the theory of genes and its possible behavioral patterns. Gynecology would mean dealing with medical conditions or diseases that affect the reproductive organs of girls and women.

Some of the other professions which has not been addressed here include Athletic Training, Nursing Administration Nursing Assistance, Health Unit Coordination Hospital Facilities Administration, Clinical Genetics Technology, Electron eurodiagnostic
Cardiovascular Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, electroencephalographic Technology, Health Physics Technology, Nuclear Medical Technology, Physician Assistance, Radiologic Technology, Surgical Technology, Blood Bank Technology, , Clinical Laboratory Technology, Dialysis Technology, Histologic Assistance, Ophthalmic, Laboratory Technology Health and Medical Administrative Services, Health Management and Clinical Assistance,
Health Services Administration, Medical Claims Examination, Medical Insurance, Billing Medical, Insurance Coding, Medical Office Assistance, Medical Office Computer Specialist, Medical Office Management, Medical Reception, Medical Records Administration, Medical Secretary, Medical Staff Services Technology, Medical Transcription, Mental and Social Health Services, Medical Social Work, Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Community Health Services, Genetic Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Psychiatric Technology,
Nursing Adult, Health Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist ,Critical Care Nursing Family, Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health, Nursing Nurse Anesthetist, Nursing Midwifery

Discover the Branches of Science

Science is one of the most amazing subjects ever introduced to mankind. This particular subject has numerous branches or categories. This particular subject can help you in choosing certain professions that will shape your career. Science can be explained as a study that is made of laws to which outside objects do react. You need to be aware about the various fields that dominate the market,To discover further branches of science, you need to go through the following list.

  • Discover the Branches of Science Anatomy is understanding and studying the human body,
  • Aeronautics is nothing but learning the art of flying planes or jet crafts.
  • Archaeology is studying age old or antique structures or objects
  • Anatomy would be studying the science behind a human body
  • Astronomy would be dealing with understanding heavenly objects.
  • Biology simply would mean learning the science of living organisms.
  • Botany would mean studying plants
  • Bio-chemistry would mean learning the different chemical processes
  • Cosmology is nothing related to cosmetics but understanding nature and its origin
  • Chemistry would mean dealing with human behavior
  • Ecology would mean understanding the relation of living things like plants, animals with the environment. .
  • Genetics is studying the process of heredity
  • Hygiene would basically mean understanding health
  • Microbiology would also mean studying microbes
  • Optics is basically learning the process of light
  • Physics would again mean researching about science and its properties

However there are many more that have not been listed above. They include Animal Behavior , Anthropology, Archeology, Economics,  Education ,Ethnology, Linguistics , Psychology ,Sociology ,Endocrinology,    Hematology , Nutrition , Photosynthesis ,Botany , Agronomy , Anatomy,    Physiology ,   Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry,    Computer Computations,   Mineralogy, Paleontology, Seismology , Chemical engineering,  Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering. There are yet other options that a student might want to consider while opting for science. You need to go through each and every category which might help you to make a valid career decision. The scope is varied and an attempt should be made to try being different from the crowd. Most students who prefer this stream often settle with a doctor’s degree or an engineering course. However, it is extremely important to be competitive and select professions that will enable you to a high lifestyle pattern and earnings. Hence, we suggest you do your research thoroughly and get counseled well before taking one.

Top 10 Phobias

Top 10 Phobias Phobias existed as early as the 5thCentury. Human beings are susceptible to phobia. It is an irrational fear often caused due to a subconscious reaction or approach. People who suffer from any kind of phobia are emotionally not strong as compared to the rest. Phobias make life miserable as they interfere in every step or moment. This does not mean that it can’t be cured. One must make a way through every kind of fear. This kind of fear comes from your conscience. It can also be termed as a false perception of one’s mind. The most common type of phobia is Aracnophobia. People belonging to South Africa will not be as scared of the most dangerous spiders as they include spiders in their traditional food. However, this might not be true in the case of person from the West or Asia. People tend to be scared or develop a phobia against spiders as they can fly and make their way through the dampest of places.

The next phobia would be Social phobia. This might occur if you are shy to meet people. Such situations occur due to pre-monitoring sessions when the parents do not encourage the kids to meet new people. This kind of phobia would make you feel guilty every moment. The next in the list would be Aerophobia as most people are scared of flying in a plane. This phobia gets additional weight age as it is welcomed with claustrophobia. The other type of phobia is called Agoraphobia. This occurs when you cannot avoid any kind of situation and feel unsafe outside home. Such people are more prone to panic attacks in their own surroundings. They only consider the home to be a safe place. The most common of all is Claustrophobia. In this case travelling in a crowded place would always be a pain. You will avoid stairs, trains, elevators, tiny rooms, huge buildings, empty spaces. This phobia however can be easily overcome through travelling. The next in line is Acrophobia or fear of heights.

Majority of people suffer from this kind of phobia. Sufferers often avoid great heights, followed by skyscrapers, terraces of apartments, planes or even staircases. This also leads to Vertigo which basically makes the person dizzy and scared. The next common phobia is called Emetophobia which avoids you from vomiting. You would go to any extent to avoid vomiting at any occasion. The eight popular phobias are called Carcinophobia. This fear is related to cancer and often suffered are scared to get diagnosed with it. He or she would never encounter any cancer patient. The other phobia would be Brontophobia which basically means scared of thunderstorms. You would try to avoid stepping out of your house during lighting or thundering. You might find it difficult to breathe once you are out of your house at such an occasion. The last in the list would be Necrophobia which means fear of death. You would not want to be trapped inside a coffin or come across coffins or corpses.

Facts about Internet and Technology

There are many things that are unique to technology and can amuse anybody.You should know about certain facts about internet and technology that seem to look so unitentional. Did you know that Google actually was derived from a mathematical figure called googol which leads to infinite zeros. In fact yahoo too was derived through from a coin which was observed in Gulliver’s travel. It also means a person who is very active as well as repulsive in his formats and behavior. You would be surprised to know that the first search engine ever introduced was Archie in the year 1990.

Facts about Internet and Technology The year 1993 saw the introduction of Netscape. The first ever web browser called Mosaic was also discovered in the same year. Both were founded by Marc Andreessen. The best fact would be innovating (@) which was considered as a mouse by the Chinese, a trunk by Sweden’s, a spider by Germans and snail by Italians. This often got considered as an alphabet in English language. Veronica was the first ever Gopher file created by University of computer systems of Nevada. Sweden was the first nation to have introduced as well as pioneered the internet usage in 2004. Nearly 77 % of people were connected to the net. Whereas the overall internet usage is approximately 12%. The major hits were seen on websites like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ebay, Warner network and About.com. Did you know that the literal meaning of Lycos (search engine) was Lycosidae in Latin? The term lurking or browsing meant viewing or reading through mails and sending messages.

The other important fact is to understand that internet is being utilized by millions of people and keeps increasing at the rate of 50 – 60%. The year 2009 saw Twitter, managing to gain 1300% which is ironically more than other social networking sites like Facebook. The first ever domain registration done was www.symbolics.com. The typical internet user can be described as being young, ambitious, hip and elite. The number of facebook users has increased to 24 million and most of them spend a minimum of 14 minutes every day per visit. You can now literally sell, buy products with a warranty certified from major sites like eBay, Amazon, flipkart, letbuy.in and many more. The number of domain names registered every month can easily be approximately 20 million. Lastly, radio and TV took around 13 years and 38 years to reach a million audiences, whereas internet took merely 4 years.

Important Abbreviations

Abbreviations are extremely important to learn. You need to use abbreviations in your daily communication models. However, it is also important to update yourself with respect to abbreviations used across the globe. Most abbreviations play a major role in booking, cancelling flight tickets, understanding and decoding codes. If you are well aware about abbreviations, half the job is complete.

The most common and important abbreviations in India include:

1. R&D – Research and Development

2. PIN – Postal index number

3. PWD – Public works department

4. AASU – All Assam Students Union

5. ABM – Anti Ballistic Missile

6. ABCDE – Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics

7. ABT – Availability Based Tariff

8. AC – Alternate Current or Ashok Chakra or Air Conditioner or Antarctic Club

9. AD – Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus)

10. ADA – Air Defence Artillery

11. AERE – Atomic Energy Research Establishment

12. AFLP – Accelerated Female Literacy

13. AFPPD – Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population & Development

14. AGOC – Asian Games Organization Committee

15. AICC – All India Congress Committee

16. AICCTU – All India Central Council of Trade Unions

17. AICI – Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India

18. AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

19. AIFF – All India Football Federation

20. AIL – Aeronautics India Limited

21. AIMPLB – All India Muslim Personal Law Board

22. AINEC – All India Newspapers Editors Conference

23. AIR – All India Radio

24. ALH – Advanced Light Helicopter

25. AM – Anti Meridian (Before Noon)

26. AMIE – Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers

27. ANC – African National Congress

28. APNN – Asian Pacific News Network

29. APEC – Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation

30. APPLE – Asian Passenger Payload Experiment

31. APPU – Asian Pacific Postal Union

32. ARF – Asian Regional Forum

33. ARDS – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

34. ASEAN – Association of South East Asian Nations

35. ASLV – Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

36. ASI – Archaeological Survey of India

37. ASSOCHAM – Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (India)

38. AWACS – Airborne Warning and Control System

39. ATCI – Air Time Committee of India

40. ATPLO – All Tripura Peoples Liberation Organization

41. ATS – Anti Tetanus Serum

42. ATTF – All Tripura Tribal Force

43. BARC – Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

44. BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation

45. BC – Before Christ

Interesting Facts about Cats

There are many cat lovers who simply adore their pet and make every possible move to keep her happy. There are certain interesting facts associated with every creature. You need to be well aware about all this before adopting any pet. People who are cat lovers are known as Ailurophiles. They would constantly update their knowledge on cats. Did you know that a group of kittens are known as Kindles whereas a group of adults would be referred as Clowders? The average cat would be 12 pounds. Although there have been instances where a heaviest cat was figured to be approximately 47 pounds. The heartbeat of a cat would be 140 times every minute. This is two times faster than a human beings’ heart beat. A cat has five toes on front, however only four on their back foot. Most of the cats do not have eyelashes. People also believe that cats are colorblind but it has been proved to be incorrect.

Interesting Facts about Cats Cats are very fond of grooming themselves. You would often find them licking themselves. They also spend approximately 16 hours sleeping every day. The longest surviving cat was seen in England. Her age when compared with human beings resulted in 36 years of age. You will rarely find two cats meowing at each other unlike dogs. Most kittens have blue eyes and those change once they start maturing. Cats can also be trained to use the toilet to litter. Most cats do not prefer mouse flavored dishes. Most researchers have tried to find an answer to that considering the cat runs behind the mouse every time it notices one. Cats can at the same time be told and taught to use the flush every time they litter. Cats generally consider themselves to be too huge and brave. They do look upon other animals with anger and jealously.

The happiest moments for a cat can be observed by its constant pawing. They would also like food to be kept at room temperature. They do not like chilled food. Cats can never be immune to cancer. There are other ways to keep your cat happy and purring. However, do remember that there is a huge difference between a cat and dog. Cats do not like to be chained nor do they like to be scolded or hit. They might even attack their master if they are not loved and kept happy.

Top 10 Endangered Species

There are many creatures which are on the verge of getting extinct. They are fondly known as endangered species. This is particularly because they cannot survive in any other natural conditions. There is yet another reason that makes them extinct. This is particularly due to illegal trading activities and deforestation. There are ten animals which are considered as endangered species due to their unique surviving quality. The first on the list would be a tiger. There are only 3200 tigers left from over 2lac tigers. There has been a 40% decrease in the number since the past ten years. The main reason for their extinct is specifically due to poaching. There are other reasons like rampant deforestation and constant poaching of tiger for selling their organs. Did you know that there are only 1411 tigers left in India? The major reason for a huge demand for tiger is because the skin is traded for medicinal purposes. Nearly every nation in the world is trying their level best to preserve the king of the jungle through immense advertising. The conservation efforts by WWF itself show the present scenario.

Top 10 Endangered Species Secondly on list is polar bear. The polar bear was one of the earliest to get extinct. This animal can no longer be easily spotted as they are on the verge of extinction. The warming zones in the Arctic Ocean are one of the major reasons for it extinct. WWF is trying it’s best to figure out alternatives to preserve this animal from dying. The shipping industry is also the prime reason for killing them and making the ice melt. Lack of ice will always pose a big problem for them. The next on list would be Pacific Walrus that is surely becoming one of the latest victims of climatic changes. There were nearly 200 dead walrus found at Alaska. This animal makes use of floating to rest and even birth. These animals will lose a major amount of their habitation by 2012. Magellanic Penguin is next in the category of most endangered species. The constant change in ocean temperatures tend to put adverse effects on these distinct birds. Leatherback Turtle is also one among these endangered species. They had survived for more than a million years. These marine reptiles are slowly declining in numbers due to rising sea levels, uneven Atlantic temperatures, shipping issues and fishing. The locals need to ensure they do not capture them in their fishing fleets. Bluefin Turtle also known as Tuna is very popular in the Mediterranean Sea as well as Atlantic Ocean. This fish is often being captured by major restaurants for its unique body mass. WWF have tried their best to motivate chefs to not serve this fish to any customer. Mountain Gorilla is also considered as endangered as there are just 720 remaining. The constant poaching and deforestation makes them to lose their habitat. The other three endangered species include Monarch Butterfly, Javan Rhinoceros and Giant Panda. It needs to be our job to preserve them and help them live a life untouched by selfish motives.

Current Affairs in August 2011

Current Affairs in August 2011 The month of August too had many interesting facts that might be of much information for you. All you need to do is understand news be it local or international. The list of happenings or current affairs for the month of August goes below:

· Barrack Obama now signs a debt deal and adjudged as law

· The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak began his trial in Cairo

· Prime Minister of Nepal,Khanal introduced and appointed new cabinet ministers

· NASA decided to launch Juiter’s probe namely Juno

· Naoki Matsuda, Japan’s International Defender passed away

· The first ever female prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra took charge in Thailand

· USA loses its triple A rating for the very first time in history

· Nepal plans to ban smoking in public surrounding

· The Tibetian government now welcomes Lobsang Sangay as the Prime Minister

· Syria’s new raids lead to 22 deaths

· The Chinese government gives a nod for sea trials of aircraft carrier

· China also plans to reduce the speed of most of their bullet trains

· China also introduces the first ever communication satellite in Pakistan

· Nepal Prime mister was asked to resign by the government and opposition

· August 21 was declared as the deadline for appointment of the forthcoming prime minister of Nepal

· The Chinese delegates arrived in Nepal

· Saleh, president of Yemen now plans to return from South Arabia

· 68 people are confirmed to be dead due to Iraq blast.

· Syrian president Assad was asked to step down

· Nearly 53 people were killed in the blast that occurred in Pakistan

· Brazil wins the FIFA Under -20 world cup

· NATO also decides to search Libyan in-charge Gaddafi

· The Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan now resigns

· Tony Tan is now elected as President of Singapore

· Lady Gaga was ecstatic after winning the very 1st MTV video award for her album” Born this way”

· Sudan also launched its new currency

· England wins the 2000th Test cricket at Lords

· The most famous companies namely Mitsubishi and Hitachi now get into an amalgamation

So, August too seemed to be full of information. You can browse through the net to get additional information on any particular topic. This will help you to understand trivial topics easily. So wrap up everything and head to recharge your knowledge.

Current Affairs in July 2011

Current Affairs in July 2011 July month has seen few of the most important events taking place. There has been certain introduction in India too. Overall, it was a great month with lots to learn and get aware of.

  • Linkedin earned the second spot or rank in US
  • Mark Zuckerberg is appointed the CEO of facebook
  • Tiger Tyagrajan is also appointed the CEO of Genpact
  • Bengaluru will welcome the Nano Science and Technology Centre
  • Keki Mistry is now the VC and CEO of private bank – HDFC
  • Jayanta Talukdar sealed his 2012 seat for Archery event
  • Manoj tiwars plans to set a temple for M H Dhoni and Sachin tendulkar
  • South Sudan got independent on 8 July
  • Facebook has initiated the new plan to allow voicemails and video calls
  • Harbhajan Singh joins the elite club for Test cricket by scoring 400 wickets
  • Shashikant Sharma all sets to become the next Defense secretary
  • Mayooka won gold meadal at Asian Athletics Championship
  • Banglore is all ready to introduce and launch the 2nd campus for IIM
  • J&K has been granted 1000 crore funding to set up job requirements
  • Rajesh Subramanium was also appointed as CFO at Firsource Solutions Limited
  • 15 people were killed after a major violence held in Karachi
  • The four year austerity budget was approved by Italian Senate
  • US dediced to withdraw and suspend $800 million as well as any further money to Pakistan
  • Japan has now ordered safety test to be held of nuclear plants
  • Sarkozy ordered 1000 French troops to exit the nation of Afghanistan
  • Amy Winehouse the much appreciated British singer was found dead in her apartment
  • Russia plans to launch Spektr-R the radio telescope
  • Yingluck Shinawatra was appointed the Prime Minister of Thailand
  • Greece decides to introduce a new bailout agreement
  • ATLANTIS – the space shuttle finally exited its voyage in Florida
  • South Somalia is declared famine prone area
  • Pakistan now welcomes its Foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar
  • Barrack obama decids to answer questions on Twitter
  • UTV might get in an amalgamation with Walt Disney for 2000 crores

So in short July too appeared to be informative in some way. You could read in detail about each headline mentioned here. All you need to so is browse over the internet for a couple of minutes to be considered fully-read.

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