Facts about Indian Sports

India is country with crazy people who would love sports to the core of their heart. You will typically find every kind of sports to be enjoyed here. Indians find sports to be a great source of inspiration as well as entertainment. There are certain facts about Indian sports that might just surprise you. Indians love the game of cricket however; this game has to a large extent surpassed all the other native games. The local games in India are basically enjoyed by the villagers. You would rarely come across a kid who must have not played cricket or picked a bat.

Facts about Indian Sports You will come across great kids who might be brilliant at the local sport. This however never gets highlighted. It is always profitable to sell cricket kits than an indoor game. Majority of Indians prefer outdoor games to indoor. The ancient game called gilli-danda was replaced by cricket during the early British Raj. However, you would still find kids playing this game in U.P, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. The other sport that is quite popular in India would be badminton or tennis. This game was basically introduced in India some 2000 years ago. The other game that is also quite famous would be Kancha which is basically flying kites. This happens only during “Makar Sankranti”.

India won its first medal in boxing during 2008. Vijender Kumar was the one to have made India proud at quarterfinals. India has been lucky to have earned the World cup trophy twice during 1983 and 2011. The other important fact about Indian sports is that cricketers get paid huge sum of money to feature in advertisements as compared to any other nation. The other emerging sport amongst the elite category is golf. This game is surely for the classes and certainly not the masses. There are places across the globe where kayaking is considered as a sport while in India, people consider it as a one time entertainment or recreational activity. The most interesting game of the locals tends to be Kabbadi. This sport requires rustic ground and strong persons to defend and cross the other line. India has been fortunate to grab four gold medals in the Asian games. There are few more games that Indians love to play including volleyball. This game has managed to please the urban as well as the rural crowd. India ranks 5th in Asia when it comes to volleyball.

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