Religions of India

India is a religious nation however; Indians are more conservative when it comes to religion. Although majority of the population belongs to the Hindu community, however this land welcomes everyone. Hinduism had first flourished in India and still continues to grow. However, Hindus do not segregate others from following their religion neither do they consider it as an incorrigible part of living. The word Hindu originally came from Indus River or valley that flows from Tibet and reached Pakistan. The 18th century saw existence of a specific community called the “Hindu Muslim”. There are approximately 750 million people who follow Hinduism and major chunk of them live in India. However, stats prove that approximately 4 lac stay in UK and follow Hinduism. There are various norms in Hinduism and people do follow and practice everything.

Religions of India Hindus believe in worshipping gods in home apart from going to temples on specific days. Sikhs also form a major base of population in India. The Sikh community was formed in 15th century by Sikh guru and God Guru Nanak. Sikhism differs from Hinduism in all aspects. There are approximately 20 million Sikhs around the globe. Nearly 80% of them reside in India typically Punjab. There are a large number of Sikhs in UK, Britain and US. The term Sikh is a Punjabi word that means disciple. They can be easily distinguishable due to their appearance as men often cover their heads with a turban. The Sikhs typically go a Gurdwara however; you will also find them worshipping Hindu Gods. The next religion that has been the oldest as well as followed in India is Christianity. This religion came into existence since 1st century and boasts of 2000 followers. This religion forms the base of maximum people in the world.

There are two categories under Christianity namely Western Christianity as well as Orthodox. This is further divided into Protestants and Roman Catholics. It always welcomed people belonging to other religions to get converted to Christianity. People belonging to Christianity would attend prayers or mass at the Church. The next largest religion which is emerging to increase its base all over the world is Islam. This age old religion requires people to attend prayers at the mosque. There are special rules for men and women. This religion requires the individual to give importance to prayers or namaz. You will need to follow rules, law conduct, ethics, cleanliness as well as dressing. The largest dominance of people belongs to Arabic nations.

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